Commercial real estate

Decarbonising Commercial real estate

Understand your carbon footprint from measuring your current status to planning and implementation.

  • Accurately predict energy consumption costs
  • Identify savings opportunities on utilities
  • Replace gas-burning systems with electrified heat pumps

Decarbonising the world's leading commercial real estate


Reduce emissions in line with the latest regulations

Find hidden savings in your buildings in real-time. Get help planning and implementing a net zero roadmap that works for every property.

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Save hours on manual reporting

Accurately measure emissions across all buildings to identify quick wins and longer-term opportunities.

Advanced energy tracking software and reporting will help you

  • Spot inefficiencies from individual appliances
  • Identify opportunities to re-use energy for heating and cooling
  • Alert you to energy wastage and cost savings


Save on expensive and risky engineering projects

Plan, model and get buy-in for commercial buildings engineering.

Whether planning ahead for construction or retrofitting heat pumps and other energy-saving solutions, you’ll have the right plan with predictable outcomes.



Implement with sustainability experts in your industry

Once you’ve unearthed the short-term to long-term opportunities, you need swift and knowledgeable implementation.

Implement, optimise and maintain your plan whether you're starting with a one-off project like a heat pump installation in one building or a full decarbonisation plan across all sites.

Customer success stories

See how CoolPlanet clients are overcoming their biggest decarbonisation challenges with help from our experts.

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