Commercial real estate

Decarbonising Commercial real estate

Understand your carbon footprint from measuring your current status to planning and implementation.

  • Accurately predict energy consumption costs
  • Identify savings opportunities on utilities
  • Replace gas-burning systems with electrified heat pumps

Decarbonising the world's leading commercial real estate

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CoolPlanet & Hibernia Real Estate Group: Creating a Sustainable Future

Reduce emissions in line with the latest regulations

Find hidden savings in your buildings in real-time. Get help planning and implementing a net zero roadmap that works for every property.


Save hours on manual reporting

Accurately measure emissions across all buildings to identify quick wins and longer-term opportunities.

Advanced energy tracking software and reporting will help you

  • Spot inefficiencies from individual appliances
  • Identify opportunities to re-use energy for heating and cooling
  • Alert you to energy wastage and cost savings
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Save on expensive and risky engineering projects

Plan, model and get buy-in for commercial buildings engineering.

Whether planning ahead for construction or retrofitting heat pumps and other energy-saving solutions, you’ll have the right plan with predictable outcomes.


Implement with sustainability experts in your industry

Once you’ve unearthed the short-term to long-term opportunities, you need swift and knowledgeable implementation.

Implement, optimise and maintain your plan whether you're starting with a one-off project like a heat pump installation in one building or a full decarbonisation plan across all sites.

Since we started working with CoolPlanet in 2021, they have transformed the means by which Hibernia collects and collates data for building monitoring and sustainability reporting, specifically through their decarbonisation platform CoolPlanetOS.

Neil Menzies – Director of Sustainability, Hibernia REIT

Customer success stories

See how CoolPlanet clients are overcoming their biggest decarbonisation challenges with help from our experts.

Case Study

Reducing energy consumption at Dubai Festival City Mall by 26%

Dubai Festival City Mall consists of over 400 retailers, 75 restaurants, and bistros with parking for 6,500 cars. CoolPlanet achieved an energy reduction of 26%.

Case Study

How a UK-based brewery saved £285k annually through improved energy efficiency

A UK-based brewing company achieved annual energy savings of £5,480 per week through refrigeration reconfiguration and adjustments to heating and cooling.

Case Study

Commercial Building Operator Saved €1.1m in Energy Costs

Achieve energy savings even with a low volume of data points. In this case, €1.1m in savings were realised for a commercial building operator using just two data points.

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