Your data, anywhere, in any format

From a sensor to a utility bill, track your energy data within CoolPlanet, for accurate, 
real time end-to-end decarbonisation reporting.

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Automate your energy data reporting

Never miss a potential energy spike, or decarbonisation opportunity again with custom integration workflows. Set alerts and complex events based on your data.

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Track in real time

Monitor your energy usage and emissions data in one place

Make informed decisions on your energy and decarbonisation efforts, by keeping CoolPlanet reporting software up to date with up to date data from your entire operation.


Data encryption

Committed to data protection and security

Your data is protected with the latest technology, compliance standards and certifications. Data hosting and transfer is compliant with EU regulations, secured with 2FA login, and hosted on AWS servers based in the EU.

  • SOC2 Certified
  • 2Factor Auth
  • EU hosted
  • GDPR compliant

Centralised data from multiple sources

CoolPlanet is data agnostic, allowing it to integrate with a huge range of existing systems found in factories, industrial spaces, and managed buildings.

Schneider Electric

Making the most of our energy and resources, bridging progress and sustainability for all.

Building Management Systems

Johnson Controls

Powering impactful sustainability, respectful safety and security, while delivering enhanced customer experience.

Building Management Systems

General Electric

Energy expertise from renewable wind energy to natural gas, and physical and digital solutions.


AWS  New

AWS has the services to help you build sophisticated apps with flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

Cloud data lakes


A scalable cloud-based solution that provides secure, remote building management services.

Building Management Systems


Creating better and more efficient work environments that are intelligent, secure, and sustainable.



Understand your smart meters, connected objects, weather data or bills with Eveler's platform.


Mitsubishi Electric

Advanced factory automation providing a world of solutions for every industry.

Building Management SystemsSCADA/PLC


Start building today using the latest AI models and your favourite Azure tools.

Cloud data lakes


Building automation for greater comfort, efficiency, and sustainability.

Building Management Systems


Making the world more sustainable with an array of solutions.

Building Management Systems

Google Cloud

Build apps fast, leverage generative AI, and analyze data in seconds with Google-grade security.

Cloud data lakes

Rockwell Automation

Integrating control and information across the enterprise to help industrial companies be more sustainable.



Seamless interaction of all components and competencies while thinking ahead.

SCADA/PLCBuilding Management Systems


Using leadership in building technology and energy solutions to get it right for the customer and the climate.

Building Management Systems


Aveva solutions enable teams to engineer efficiently and optimize operations.



Industrial IoT infrastructure making it easier than ever to collect data to make better decisions.



Building Energy Management Systems to reduce waste and costs while maintaining comfort.

Building Management Systems


More than 90 years of experience in air conditioning and climate control solutions.

Building Management Systems


Move from asset and process intelligence to operational intelligence with the PI System.



Real-time and scheduled data sync between CoolPlanetOS and Snowflake.

Cloud data lakes

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data source?

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So far by over 3 million tonnes - and counting