Decarbonising shipping

Pressure to reduce emissions and energy costs is coming at you from all angles.

  • Protect yourself from volatile fuel costs
  • Reduce emissions in line with the IMO
  • Improve your bottom line

The shipping industry emits (1,000 MT CO2) per year which is around 3% of global CO2 emissions.*


Navigate your way to net zero

Discover hidden savings in real-time. Plan and execute a net zero roadmap fit for your unique challenges.



Simplify your reporting without forfeiting accuracy

Accurately measure your shipping emissions across your fleet. Identify quick wins and longer-term opportunities.

Get advanced energy tracking software and reporting so you can...

  • Track inefficiencies from fleet-wide to individual ships
  • Identify opportunities
  • Alert you to energy wastage and opportunities


Get support from shipping sustainability experts

Your engineers are already flat out with the daily running of day-to-day projects.

Get the necessary support from our experts. They are on hand to help your team plan your unique energy consumption and cost savings roadmap.



Execute fast with fewer hands on deck

Once you’ve unearthed the short-term and long-term opportunities, they need swift action.

Meet your key milestones faster. Let CoolPlanet do the execution built on your data-backed strategy.

"While working with CoolPlanet, we have been able to uncover operational insights on energy waste via the powerful analytics and bespoke dashboards that their platform allows you to build."

Sustainable shipping: Navigating the Tides of New Regulation


Sustainable shipping: Navigating the Tides of New Regulation

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EU CSRD: Advancing Compliance


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