For Operations

Make all locations energy efficient

You're under pressure to improve sustainability, meet demand, and maintain profitability. Operational efficiency is critical to meeting these goals.

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Plant management

Reduce carbon without missing quotas

Manage carbon and meet emissions reduction goals.

Identify areas for improvement, develop and implement strategies, and receive ongoing support.

Improve energy efficiency, switch to renewable energy sources, and implement energy storage technologies without disruption.

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Site management

Find out where your cost savings are hiding

Get on-site generation and storage solutions to decarbonise your energy and benefit your site’s budget.

Share your impact on organisation-wide targets and hands-on help with green energy planning and sourcing.

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Facilities management

Take back control of rising energy costs

There’s no end to bills and they’re just getting worse.

Energy consumption for commercial buildings might be predictable, but grid prices are not.

Get help implementing your own energy generation system. Or reusing expended energy from AC to heating. From HVAC to systems usage.

Working with CoolPlanet, we have made significant energy and carbon emissions savings in Louis Dreyfus Company’s (LDC) Ponta Grossa plant, in Brazil.

Meinrad Bürer Global Carbon Technical Director, Louis Dreyfus Company

Customer success stories

See how Cool Planet clients are overcoming their biggest decarbonisation challenges with help from our experts.

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