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Power your factory with free renewable energy

Secure your future energy supply with solar.

  • Lower carbon emissions and energy bills
  • Mitigate risks from rising energy prices
  • Improve energy resilience and green credentials
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Earth is bathed in 173,000tw of solar energy at any moment. 10,000 times more energy than we consume*


Longi™ 450w Solar Panels

Reduce emissions and meet your financial objectives


Monitor in Real Time

CoolPlanetOS can track performance, warn of maintenance, generate projections, and highlight CO2 offsets.


Save on Cost

Solar panels generate free, green electricity during daytime hours that can be used on site, lowering your energy bills and demand for energy from the grid.


Lower Carbon Emissions

Generating your own solar energy will significantly reduce your carbon footprint and increase your company’s green credentials.


Lower Investment Risk

Solar PV is a reliable and safe investment that provides returns exceeding those of traditional low-risk financial products. Any surplus power can be sold to the grid.


Secure your Energy

With the grid often struggling to generate to meet the country’s growing energy demands, independent solar installations are an excellent backup measure.


Increase Financial Stability

With energy prices on the rise, commercial solar panels allow you to effectively forward buy your electricity at a set price, making financial forecasting much easier.

End-to-end decarbonisation

Get help from procurement to installation and beyond

Whether you are looking to cut energy costs, reduce carbon emissions or secure your future energy supply, we offer expert commercial solar installations with the addition of performance monitoring technology to generate projections and highlight CO2 offsets.

  • Choosing the right solar PV system for your needs
  • Managing complete system design
  • Implementing installation to the highest safety standards
  • Real-time monitoring with CoolPlanetOS
While working with Daniel Moroney and CoolPlanet, we have been able to uncover insights on energy and water waste.Edward Kelly – Facilities and sustainability leader, GE Healthcare

Find out how much emissions you can save with solar

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CoolPlanet Solar in action

Case Study

Reducing energy consumption at Dubai Festival City Mall by 26%

Dubai Festival City Mall consists of over 400 retailers, 75 restaurants, and bistros with parking for 6,500 cars. CoolPlanet achieved an energy reduction of 26%.

Case Study

How a UK-based brewery saved £285k annually through improved energy efficiency

A UK-based brewing company achieved annual energy savings of £5,480 per week through refrigeration reconfiguration and adjustments to heating and cooling.