Frequently Asked Questions

What does CoolPlanetOS do?

CoolPlanetOS is a decarbonisation management software solution that enables large businesses to lower their carbon emissions across multiple sites from a single platform. CoolPlanetOS analyses key data points and identifies opportunities to optimise energy use based on real-time, accurate data.

Does CoolPlanet do more than carbon accounting?

CoolPlanet provides end-to-end decarbonisation at scale. We provide analysis, insight and opportunity identification through our software while helping you to efficiently execute complex engineering projects that decarbonise your site or company.

Does the CoolPlanetOS platform work across multiple sites?

CoolPlanetOS allows you to consolidate, visualise, track and control your smart systems across multiple sites and regions down to individual pieces of equipment.

How does CoolPlanetOS pricing work?

Our pricing is tiered according to many factors including the number of data points you have, how many users will have access to CoolPlanetOS, how many watchers need to be set up, if there will be a Managed Site Connection (​​where the CoolPlanetOS integration involves a direct connection to on-site servers​, databases, OT networks or ​edge devices​), and whether you want access to the Register of Opportunities & Glidepath features.

Is Enterprise pricing available?

Yes, enterprise pricing is available for large businesses with many sites. Please book a call with us to request enterprise pricing.

How can I get a demo of CoolPlanetOS?

Book a call with us to get a demo of our decarbonisation management software. On the call, we’ll gather some basic facts about your needs, then our product experts can provide you with a demo tailored to your business.

Does CoolPlanet provide a ‘gap analysis’ service?

Yes, CoolPlanet provides a gap analysis which will provide information on your current metering capabilities by type, location, and connectivity, and detail any required new metering and an approximate cost for it.

How does the platform work with sites that have limited metering systems?

Metering systems are required to help you to understand and monitor the consumption of your utilities onsite. If there is minimal sub-metering present, it’s challenging to accurately identify the key drivers for energy consumption on-site. We can design and implement metering systems for you.

Does CoolPlanetOS work with production planning and data software?

CoolPlanetOS integrates with a huge range of existing systems in factories, industrial spaces, and managed buildings. Among these are historians and databases. You’ll find more information about our integrations here. For questions about a specific integration, book a no-strings call.

How does CoolPlanetOS work with local controllers?

CoolPlanetOS can work with a range of controller applications, makes, and models. Configuration will depend on both network availability and communication availability. Talk with us about your specific site and controller.

Do you require a physical or virtual server for data acquisition?

CoolPlanet works with either a physical or virtual server for the installation of our data acquisition software.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is protected with the latest technology, compliance standards and certifications, and is hosted on AWS servers based in the EU.

Is CoolPlanetOS GDPR compliant?

Yes, data hosting and transfer are compliant with EU regulations including GDPR. Data is hosted on servers located in the EU.

Is my data safe in CoolPlanetOS?

We use the latest technology and compliance standards to ensure your data is safe in CoolPlanetOS. This includes 2FA login, SOC2 certification, GDPR compliance, and EU hosting of data.