Join us in changing the planet

Are you passionate about sustainability and making a positive impact on the world? Join our team and help us make a difference.

Awarded by Great Place to Work® in three categories

Our people are the driving force behind our success.

We have a culture that fosters highly talented and motivated individuals, developing people from graduate roles through to senior positions.

We are committed to delivering excellence, to creating the best customer experience and to maximising every opportunity.

Our values

As a team, we push boundaries, often into uncharted territory. We take on complexity and challenges that others shy away from.


We are purpose-driven

We are committed to making a dent in climate change. Everyone plays a part in this purpose.


We do things differently

We are innovative and creative. We succeed when we challenge conventional thinking.


We care

About our employees, partners and customers, working together to achieve common goals.


We are responsible

Everyone has the autonomy, freedom and flexibility to do their job. We are trusted by our peers and leaders to take ownership of our work.


We are brave

We are courageous in our thinking, decisive in our actions and strive to make progress, even in the face of possible failure.


We are first

We have been decarbonising industry for over 15 years. While others have just talked about climate change, we have taken real and tangible action to solve it.

The whole, not the individual

We have a culture of honesty and trust and work alongside inspirational people that we respect and respect us. We are together on this journey, and while we encourage ownership and responsibility, we always have each other's back. We believe freedom and flexibility are fundamental to an independent, innovative and entrepreneurial mindset. When we get our culture right, everybody wins: company, employee, customer.

Staff Spotlights

Our people are a force for good. We are on a mission to solve climate change and we have a solution that can make a meaningful difference.

Jonathan  Dean

Jonathan Dean

Product Owner

Jonathan is a Dublin-based Product Owner adept at integrating customer needs into products via extensive market research and collaboration with software and user experience teams. Read more

Helen Kelly

Helen Kelly

Chemical Engineer

Helen Kelly is Chemical Engineer dedicated to enhancing energy efficiency and innovation. With experience in large manufacturing and a heart for environmental engineering, she's onsite at our customers’ plants each week, helping them to break barriers. Read more

Pamela Newenham

Pamela Newenham

Marketing Manager

Marketing CoolPlanet also means marketing climate action. With her extensive background in business journalism and editing, few people understand the importance of communicating the importance of corporate change more than Pamela.

David Collins

David Collins

Engineering Manager

CoolPlanet engineering manager David Collins is a chartered engineer, and chartered energy manager, with 18+ years of experience in the energy services sector. Read more

Nabeel  Ahmad

Nabeel Ahmad

Customer Success Manager

Nabeel is a Customer Success Manager at CoolPlanet. As a people person, he thrives on bridging the gap between technology and humans. Read more

Aoife Dempsey

Aoife Dempsey

Business Development Manager

As well as expanding CoolPlanet's customer base, Aoife is currently studying for a Master's in Sustainable Development at UCD - renowned for its ties with the UN. Read more

Dan Moroney

Dan Moroney

Associate Director of Operations

Dan joined CoolPlanet as a Graduate Engineer in 2014. Having worked across multiple disciplines since then, he became Associate Director of Operations in 2022. Read more

Niall Magee

Niall Magee

Operations Performance Manager

Niall is busy with our top-level support system for our clients, engaging users and making sure they get the most out of rapidly developing software tools. Read more

Vicky Brown

Vicky Brown

Head of CoolPlanet Academy

Vicky heads up CoolPlanet Academy - an online programme that builds climate literacy knowledge and understanding among employees as your business starts to transition to net zero. Read more

Justin Rea

Justin Rea

Account Director

A self-confessed technophile, Justin has been with CoolPlanet for 9 years, working as a project manager on carbon control and now as Account Director.

Charles Sanderson

Charles Sanderson

Director of Process Optimisation

Charles Sanderson is Director of Process Optimisation at CoolPlanet. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sydney, and a Master's from Imperial College London. Prior to CoolPlanet, he was Director of Fundamentals at Renmatix, and Technical Director at Cargill. Read more

Fiona Sexton

Fiona Sexton

Content Manager

Fiona's passion is in sustainability education. Her focus is CoolPlanet's Rewrite programme, the climate education resource for businesses focussed on solutions and actions. Read more

Paul  McDonnell

Paul McDonnell

Associate Director

Paul leads a team of project managers and project engineers to deliver energy efficient projects for our clients, working closely with clients to understand their needs and engage with them to find the best solutions for them. Read more

Philip  Roche

Philip Roche

Commercial and Product Director @AVA

Philip is responsible for developing CoolPlanet mobility platform products and bringing them to market. Prior to this Philip held various engineering roles at Toyota and Ford, McLaren Automotive, and most recently was Technical Director and Head of Ireland Operations at KCMG Composites.

Alan  Hill

Alan Hill

IT Manager

Alan is responsible for using technology to help the CoolPlanet operate more efficiently, effectively, and securely. Read more

Louise Byrne

Louise Byrne

Culture and Learning Partner

Louise supports the leadership team to find great people, growing the company. She also supports the team with their career development and seeing them achieve great things for themselves and the company. Read more

Vinicius Miras

Vinicius Miras

Dev Ops Engineer

Vini takes care of CoolPlanet's software infrastructure and keeps it running smoothly and safe. Read more

Luca  Mansi

Luca Mansi

Project Development Manager

Luca focus is project managing our asset backed strategy - looking to establish CoolPlanet's generating and battery units to support the stability of the grid while more renewable energy comes online. Read more

Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle

Head of customer success and growth

Working in the Energy Sector for over 10 years, Sean understands the challenges that large organisations face in addressing their sustainability goals. With organised data, he helps them leap forward to a more sustainable future.

Keith  O'Reilly

Keith O'Reilly

Head of Product

Keith is responsible for defining the product vision, product strategy and product roadmap for CoolPlanet and uses this information to provide direction to the design and product development teams. Read more

Sinéad Harper

Sinéad Harper

Lead Digital Designer

Sinéad is the lead digital designer at CoolPlanet, responsible for the company’s social media channels, content creation, and graphic design. Driven by her passion for climate action and design, she believes good design should not cost the earth. Read more

John  MacEnri

John MacEnri

Chief Technology Officer

John is responsible for making sure client's data is in good hands. He has spent more than a quarter of a century working in IT and software development, across a broad range of sectors including medical informatics, financial services, online payments and industrial energy management. Read more

Diana Ignatyuk

Diana Ignatyuk

Customer Success Lead

Diana Ignatyuk is the CoolPlanetOS Customer Success Lead at CoolPlanet. Diana is always looking out for people, both as a customer success lead for our software CoolPlanetOS, helping clients achieve peak plant performance, and outside work. Read more

Witold Bielak

Witold Bielak

Senior Project Manager

Witold leads projects, helping clients with energy efficiency and carbon reduction initiatives. This involves a lot of contact with senior management and potential clients, but also getting his hands dirty during installations. Read more

Darragh  Territt

Darragh Territt

Sales Channels & Alliances Director

Darragh's focus is on projects that cover a range of industries, from pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and plastics to large commercial industries for our large multinational clients.

Craig Needham

Craig Needham

Director - CRE CoolPlanetOS

Craig is the Director of Commercial Real Estate at CoolPlanet. He believes in leveraging data and the assets of buildings to drive energy efficiency. Read more

Efe  Gurbuzer

Efe Gurbuzer

Project Engineer

Efe Gurbuzer is a highly skilled Project Engineer, with a passion for developing sustainable solutions. Efe's desire to broaden his knowledge and skills led him to Ireland, where he completed his Master's degree in Energy Management at Technological University Dublin. Read more

Ruth Howley

Ruth Howley

Control System Engineer

As a Control System Engineer, Ruth specialises in designing, developing, and implementing control systems for applications. Read more

Mike Brown

Mike Brown

Sales Partner

Mike Brown is a sales partner with CoolPlanet, with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing. He is responsible for bringing new customers in and staying with them through the entire journey from software installation to project completion. Read more

David Warren

David Warren

Data Acquisition Engineer

David is responsible is responsible for designing and implementing systems and processes to collect and organise data. To ensure that data is captured accurately and efficiently to support businesses goals and objectives. Read more

Luke  Conneally

Luke Conneally

Project engineer

A proud Galway man, Luke has a degree in renewable energy and electrical systems, as well as a master’s in energy systems engineering. Read more