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Electrification of Heat - Multi-Effect Evaporators

Looking for an innovative way to reduce energy costs for your business? Discover the options available and the factors that can help you choose which approach would be best for you and your business.

Charles Sanderson

Charles Sanderson

Director of Process Optimisation

What to expect

Deep dive with the experts into electrifying your process. Explore the range of options available and how to maximise the benefits for your business.


Multi-effect Evaporators

The most efficient way to use multi-effect evaporators in the food and beverage industry.


Heat pump Options

Discover the range of different heat pump options that allow you to recycle your factory's energy, effectively converting your multi-effect evaporator into a mechanical recompression evaporator.


Technical Solutions

Learn about the different possible technical solutions that depend on local equipment and market conditions.


Real World Case Studies

Get examples of case studies from the real world where it makes sense to pair the heat pump with other technology like CHP.