Engineering projects Battery Energy Storage

Store large amounts of electrical energy for later use

Store energy generated by renewables for use at a later time.

  • Improve power quality and reduce carbon emissions
  • Electricity price arbitrage to reduce energy costs
  • Improve energy resilience with a backup supply

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GE Healthcare Bulmers Tirlán Zimmer Biomet Louis Dreyfus Company

By 2023, an additional 3.6 GW of large-scale battery storage is planned to be operational in the US.*

Dynapower Energy Storage Inverter

Dynapower Energy Storage Inverter

Reduce emissions and meet your financial objectives


Improve power quality

Stabilise your electric grid and reduce the severity of transient voltage drops using battery current injection.


Lower carbon emissions

Batteries allow your site to maximise use of renewables, leading to lower emissions related to your site.


Improve energy resilience

Batteries can be set to automatically provide the site with a reliable supply during power interruptions.


MIC/MEC Management

Respond to MIC and MEC limits and begin to charge/discharge to ensure that they are not exceeded.


Reduce energy costs

Our software can predict the optimal times for you to store and release energy, lowering demand charges.


Earn revenue

Eirgrid/SONI pay sites that have batteries as they help them manage the grid during times of frequency deviations.

End-to-end decarbonisation

Get help from procurement to installation and beyond

Our experts have years of experience and up-to-date knowledge to get your vision to come to life quickly and easily.

We can handle any individual step in the process or handle it from procurement to installation and beyond.

  • Choosing the right battery energy storage system for your needs
  • Managing complete system design
  • Implementing installation to the highest safety standards
  • Real-time monitoring with CoolPlanetOS
Working with David Collins and CoolPlanet we have been able to deliver over €1 million worth of energy and process optimisation benefits.Jan Bart Otte – Operations director EU & FSU, Viterra
MIC Frequency

Find out how much emissions you can save with battery storage

CoolPlanet Battery Storage in action

Case Study

Reducing energy consumption at Dubai Festival City Mall by 26%

Dubai Festival City Mall consists of over 400 retailers, 75 restaurants, and bistros with parking for 6,500 cars. CoolPlanet achieved an energy reduction of 26%.