Food and beverages

Decarbonisation for your Food and Beverages organisation

In today’s competitive world of F&B, you want insights and energy efficiencies faster.

  • Cut emissions, reduce energy consumption and costs
  • Select the best technology to reduce costs
  • Automate your energy and carbon requirements
CoolPlanet’s field and project expertise (which we utilise to implement improvements) has delivered significant value across Hilton Food Group.Alan Clarke Group sustainability manager, Hilton Food Group
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Discover and deploy energy efficiency for your food and beverage manufacturing

Suppliers hiking prices while your clients have you tied into price lock-ins eat away at your profits. We’ll help you unlock hidden savings in your F&B business. We can even help you with value chain and scope 3 when you are ready.


Decarbonising F&B

Accelerate your food and beverage net zero goals

Managing emission reductions across multiple plants down to individual pieces of equipment can be overwhelming. It gets easier with all your data in one place.

CoolPlanet will help you

  • Implement your tracking
  • Alert you to energy leaks in your reports
  • Advise you on how to act on the insights

Cost reduction

Reduce energy bills and lower taxes

Maximise every unit of energy from every source.

Smart insights, alerts, and our analysts show you where your opportunities lie.

Our experts help you implement engineering and process solutions.


Full scope F&B

Track and report your whole food and beverage value chain

Once you have scope 1 and 2 emissions on track, CoolPlanet is on hand to help you implement scope 3 tracking when you’re ready.

Measure impact across your whole value chain from supply, logistics, and beyond.

Satisfy demand-side reporting to strengthen your reputation and market share.

CoolPlanet reduced our Linden meats primal site energy consumption by over 30%.

Trevor Lockhart Group Chief Executive, Fane Valley

Customer success stories

See how CoolPlanet clients are overcoming their biggest decarbonisation challenges with help from our experts.

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