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How Energy Management Systems get Commercial Buildings to Net Zero

Green buildings are experiencing a surge in demand. In this report, discover how energy management systems help commercial buildings go green and get to net zero.

How Energy Management Systems get Commercial Buildings to Net Zero

What's inside

A guide to understanding how an energy management system can get your commercial buildings to net zero


Disruption in commercial real estate

Commercial real estate used to be a safe investment, with long-term leases and predictable investment returns, but the landscape has changed.


Why net zero? Why 1.5°C?

Buildings account for about a third of all carbon emissions. Therefore, decarbonising real estate assets and portfolios is a top priority, and meeting reporting requirements and adhering to compliance regulations is fast becoming essential for CRE. Energy management systems can help them get there.


Effect of energy transition on commercial buildings

According to the World Economic Forum, studies on the value of the ‘green premium’ in real estate have shown that green certifications yield a rent premium of 6.0% and a sales premium of 7.6%.


Impact of buildings on global warming

The built environment is responsible for 40% of global carbon emissions. Around two-thirds of the buildings that exist today will still be in use in 2040. If all these buildings are not decarbonised, they will still be emitting carbon dioxide emissions in 2040.


Real estate Sustainability

Decarbonising buildings must focus on reducing two main sources of carbon: embodied carbon and operational carbon.


CoolPlanetOS: EnergyManagement System

10 key capabilities in CoolPlanetOS that is essential to optimising energy and creating value across your portfolio

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