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Furnace efficiency in glass container production

Here are 7 steps to optimising your furnace's efficiency

Furnace efficiency in glass container production

What's Inside


Overview of Furnace Operations

Detailed examination of the various components and processes involved in glass container production, including the batch house, hot end, and cold end operations, with a specific focus on optimizing furnace operations to enhance energy efficiency and production quality.


Energy Consumption Analysis

Analysis of energy consumption patterns of furnaces, identifying them as the largest energy consumers in glass production facilities, and highlighting the significance of optimizing furnace operations to reduce overall energy usage.


Optimization Strategies

Strategies for enhancing furnace performance, including adjustments to air-fuel ratios, modifications to cooling fans, and management of tramp air ingress, aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions.


Technological Solutions and Recommendations

Outlines specific technological solutions such as the use of Variable Speed Drives (VSD) and Clarity EMS software for real-time monitoring and control, which help achieve desired operational efficiency and energy savings.

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