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How to optimize biomass boiler performance with continuous fuel analysis

Testing these 6 fuel elements regularly to optimize your biomass boiler performance.

What's inside

A guide to the 6 fuel elements to test regularly and why.


Why is fuel analysis important for biomass boiler operators?

When it comes to a biomass boiler, one of the biggest mistakes operators make is to solely focus on the efficient running of the equipment without placing any emphasis on the fuel itself; this could lead to a variety of mechanical, performance, and/or maintenance issues over time.


Why testing matters?

There’s an obligation as an asset owner to protect the asset and the employees, ensuring safe and efficient operation of the plant. However, there is also another obligation from an asset owner to adhere to an emissions permit – legally and from the point of view of protecting the environment


6 key elements to measure and why?

Get the run down on which elements you need to be analysing to optimise your biomass boiler performance.