Decarbonisation strategy into action

You have a goal, a plan, or maybe one specific inefficiency to solve. Now it needs implementing cost and time effectively.

  • Find expertly vetted suppliers
  • Green energy sourcing
  • Hands-on implementation
  • Onsite execution

In 2022 the global economy used energy 2% more efficiently than it did in 2021.*

An innovative heat pump solution...extracted waste heat from our production areas and enhanced it to generate the bulk of our hand wash and wash down water. This project alone reduced our oil consumption and carbon emissions by 80%.Trevor Lockhart Group Chief Executive, Fane Valley
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Visible results in real-time


Implement decarbonisation without disrupting your busy teams

Find the best equipment, tools and people to get your net zero plan executed.



Cleaner energy sourced for you

Already know where your inefficiencies are?

Get unbiased, supplier-agnostic help to find and implement the best solution for you – from finding a better energy supply to installing a heat pump.



Optimise energy faster

You have targets, deadlines and a host of other responsibilities.

Get your energy and decarbonisation execution done for you.

Our experts do the heavy lifting to save you time and money. Minimising downtime and distractions.

CoolPlanet’s field and project expertise (which we utilise to implement improvements) has delivered significant value across Hilton Food Group.Alan Clarke Group sustainability manager, Hilton Food Group
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Minimise downtime and maximise energy efficiency

Maintain sufficient energy supply and minimise risks to output and uptime.

Gain complete visibility from every machine, process and location and the experts on hand to help you rectify wasted time and energy.

You don’t need to go it alone. Our experts join forces with yours to implement your strategy.

Customer success stories

See how CoolPlanet clients are overcoming their biggest decarbonisation challenges with help from our experts.

Saving a Commercial Building Operator €1.1m using just two data points

Case Study

Saving a Commercial Building Operator €1.1m using just two data points

Achieve energy savings even with a low volume of data points. In this case, €1.1m in savings were realised for a commercial building operator using just two data points.

Commercial real estate

Absorption Chiller technology creates €267,375 in savings

Case Study

Absorption Chiller technology creates €267,375 in savings

By utilising waste energy more efficiently with absorption chiller technology, CoolPlanet achieved €267,375 in savings and improved product quality at an edible oils plant.

Food and beverages

Reducing Scope 1 emissions at an NYSE-listed pharmaceutical company by 78%

Case Study

Reducing Scope 1 emissions at an NYSE-listed pharmaceutical company by 78%

A multinational pharmaceutical company listed on the New York Stock Exchange tasked CoolPlanet with helping to decarbonise one of its global sites.