Decarbonise your mining organisation

Your clients are looking to suppliers with the best green credentials. Make sure you're on their radar.

  • Cut carbon emissions across your sites and processes
  • Reduce diesel emissions across your fleet
  • Accurately report insights and cost-saving priorities

The mining industry is responsible for 5-7% of all global greenhouse gasses. *

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Lower emissions and energy costs within your mining operations

See hidden savings in your mining business in real-time. Get help planning and implementing a net zero roadmap fit for your unique challenges.


Decarbonising mining

Simplify your net zero mining goals

Accurately tracking emissions across sites, processing plants, and transportation can be daunting.

But it gets easier with all your data in one place.

CoolPlanet will help you:

  • Implement your tracking
  • Alert you to energy leaks in your reports
  • Plan, guide and implement

Cost reduction

Lower expenditure and vehicle damage

Get real-time data on vehicle usage with the ability to limit speed and driver behaviour.

Turn your energy from a cost into an opportunity. When the grid comes under pressure, get paid for reducing your electricity usage and gain green credentials.


Renewable energy

Source renewable energy without vendor bias

Sustainability can’t be solved with a one off ‘set and forget’ project. It’s an always-on endeavour to continually optimise without slowing your output down.

That’s why our clients love having our expert engineers and analysts help with navigating the best renewable energy options for your company in real-time.

Our on-site generation and storage solutions help decarbonise your energy and benefit your bottom line.

Working with CoolPlanet, we have made significant energy and carbon emissions savings in Louis Dreyfus Company’s (LDC) Ponta Grossa plant, in Brazil.

Meinrad Bürer Global Carbon Technical Director, Louis Dreyfus Company

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