Recorded masterclass

Engineering projects for decarbonisation

Hear about case studies from across the manufacturing sectors to see what works and what doesn’t when it comes to approaching decarbonisation.

David Collins

David Collins

Engineering Manager

Niall Magee

Niall Magee

Operations Performance Manager

What to expect

Discover how to harness Software and Engineering to accelerate decarbonisation in Manufacturing through intelligent insights.


The Role of Data

How the availability of data, and a platform to manage the same, is key to ensuring successful outcomes in the design and project delivery phases.


Decarbonisation Solutions

How supplementing that existing data with additional data points through the design and delivery of the decarbonisation solution leads to ongoing energy monitoring and reporting.


Project Execution

How tools such as CoolPlanetOS can manage data and manage decarbonisation solutions as they evolve from being ideas, move through the design process and subsequently being realised.