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3 Steps to efficient refrigeration systems

Your refrigeration systems across your estate are costing you $10’s of millions to operate but in depth, modelling and analysis can reduce this consumption by up to 15% (with minimal capex)

3 Steps to efficient refrigeration systems

What's inside

Our guide to a more efficient refrigeration plant


Understanding what drives energy consumption

Using simple KPI’s can lead to missed opportunities for optimising energy consumption. A far more robust method of tracking energy consumption is to use statistical analysis tools.


In depth modelling of plant components

The overall predictive model tells you something is off but it doesn't tell you exactly where to look. The next step to get this insight is to build individual models of each of the major components i.e. the compressors and condensers.


Using models to manage your plant

How to bring models to life i.e. feed them with live pressure/temperature data from the plant to calculate dynamically and continuously the predicted plant versus the actual plant performance.

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