Hibernia Real Estate Group - Transforming Dublin Responsibly

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Hibernia Real Estate Group - Transforming Dublin Responsibly

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Hibernia Real Estate Group owns and develops a property portfolio in Dublin to the value of 1.5bn, specialising mainly in city centre offices.

In 2021, amidst the pandemic, the company launched its first ESG strategy. And one year on Hibernia Real Estate Group launched its Sustainability Strategy - Transforming Dublin Responsibly.

Watch the video below to find out all about Hibernia Real Estate Group's transformative journey.



The strategy document highlights the organisation sustainability ambition around three key principles:

  • to become a net zero carbon and climate resilient business by 2030
  • to provide spaces that prioritise the environment, health and wellbeing
  • to create long-term positive social impact through our operations.

Staying focused on these three goals will ensure Hibernia becomes a stronger, more resilient and a more innovative business.

“Our occupiers want to occupy great spaces that deliver on their own ESG ambitions, and which are smart and energy efficient, and easily accessible using sustainable transport” - Neil Menzies, Sustainability Director.


We are making good progress optimising every opportunity we see to move toward net zero, whether it’s installing demand controlled or hybrid ventilation systems, designing smart buildings, or installing solar panels.

Now that everyone in Hibernia Real Estate Group has completed CoolPlanet's employee sustainability training, every team is aligned and on the same page and everyone clearly understands why the sustainability goals are so important.

It’s going to take everybody and every team working and collaborating closely, to drive forward and transform the business quickly.

"All my teams felt CoolPlanet Sustainability Training was excellent , the case studies and articles were really interesting and design and interactivity made this vast topic very easy to digest and understand.”