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How commercial buildings can minimise carbon emissions

By using a methodological approach, savings of up to 25% can be achieved in commercial buildings. Reduce carbon emissions while maximising your bottom line.

How commercial buildings can minimise carbon emissions

What's inside

A guide for commercial buildings to reduce carbon emissions whilst maximising their bottom line.


The problems we see

Out of Hours Energy – most commercial buildings are empty more often than they’re full. Typically, 40% of all energy use occurs outside of normal operating times.


How to create a data lake and take control of your energy use

Commercial buildings often have plenty of valuable data, but it is often stored in silos on different systems that do not communicate.


Using energy modelling to track key drivers of your energy consumption

An advanced energy model will allow you to better track your energy use by identifying outliers. When you see energy use deviating from your predicted model, you’ll know there has been a change in the way the building is running.


How to implement your energy conservation measures based on your targets

The good news is that a lot if this work can be done remotely and most requires little capital investment to implement.

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