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Demystifying Decarbonisation

The CoolPlanet process is a simple methodology that complex and carbon-heavy organisations are successfully using to reduce emissions and energy costs right now.

Demystifying Decarbonisation

What's inside

The solution to significantly reducing 50% of the world's emissions is actually quite simple. There’s no need to wait for ‘breakthrough technologies’ because technology capable of meaningful change already exists. We're not saying it won't be hard work to implement, and it's going to cost money, but the solution itself is simple. There are four key drivers to radically decarbonising industry and commercial buildings:


Take control of your energy consumption

Harness data management, efficiency, and don't ignore the potential of waste heat recovery.


Overhaul the processes

We're talking about electrifying wherever it makes sense to do so—heating, cooling, and transportation.


Kick the carbon habit

It's time to make the switch to renewables. Solar, wind, biomass. These aren’t simply buzzwords. They're no longer ‘the future’. They are the here and now and far more effective than they were just a few years ago.


Embrace electrical and thermal load flexibility

Why? To ensure carbon emission reduction makes as much sense financially as it does morally.

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