Your Net Zero Glidepath is here

Posted in on Apr 18 2023,by Alan Keogh Alan Keogh
Your Net Zero Glidepath is here

Alan Keogh

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About the Net Zero Glidepath

At CoolPlanet we believe that decarbonisation is not a destination, it is a continuously evolving journey and, as with any journey, it’s important to understand where you are going and how to get there.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce the release of our Net Zero Glidepath , a powerful new tool that allows any organisation, irrespective of its size, industry, maturity or complexity to navigate, as one, on its unique pathway to Net Zero.

The Net Zero Glidepath visually plots your decarbonisation actions and demonstrates how they align with the organisation’s current emissions and future targets. It is designed to support better qualification of decarbonisation actions and more timely decision-making by clearly identifying the impact of reprioritisation on the achievement of short- and long-term goals in a framework that can be disseminated across an entire organisation, from plant room to boardroom.

Baseline and targets that align with your business reality

The carbon baseline section allows organisations to select the baseline year and related emissions. Organisations use this section to record their total carbon emissions and energy consumption for the baseline year.

The decarbonisation targets section allows organisations to select their target year, target value, and start year. The target year is a year in the future at which the final target ( Net Zero ) will be achieved.

Collaboration at the centre

The Net Zero Glidepath is designed with collaboration in mind, each decarbonisation opportunity supports threaded comments, linked dashboards and document attachments, so your entire organisation can understand progress.  Drive momentum on various decarbonisation projects; assign actions to colleagues and collaborate with other team members, and if you need more support, CoolPlanet subject matter experts are ready to help.

A unique Glidepath to Net Zero

The Net Zero Glidepath model provides a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to use. It allows users to “deep dive” into the underlying detailed opportunity screen to review dashboards, and documentation, and determine current progress by contrasting current trajectory, baseline, and annual targets.

The current trajectory is a series that shows how the user is progressing towards their goals on the current path. The trajectory of the path is based on the emission reduction achieved as the result of opportunities being identified or realised.

Organisations can also model the potential impact of changing the timeline of opportunity dates without committing those changes to the underlying opportunity register.