CoolPlanet We are helping Servier (Ireland) Industries Ltd develop their decarbonisation roadmap for 2030

Posted in on Oct 10 2022

Servier (Ireland) Industries and CoolPlanet

Servier (Ireland) Industries Ltd. employed the services of CoolPlanet to develop a decarbonisation roadmap to 2030 for our site in Arklow, Ireland.

Their approach was to take a holistic view of the site to develop the roadmap that includes:

Their engineers visited the site on numerous occasions to gather data, assess equipment operations and liaise with our Engineering Team. They carried out concept designs and engineering calculations which were backed up by our data, and this enabled the development of the best solutions. Consideration was also given to the obsolescence of equipment, utility infrastructure and the future maintenance and running costs. They worked with equipment suppliers and contractors to create budget costs, and also applied their knowledge of the grants and decarbonisation support available in Ireland that can potentially lower the investment requirements for Servier. Regular meetings were held between the engineering teams of both companies to collaborate on solution development and to discuss options and ensure we were aligned.

The output from their work was a very detailed report that was presented to our Engineering Team and our Site Leadership Team by CoolPlanet's technical and commercial people, and they also outlined how they could deliver the proposed projects. This has been well received by the business and we would recommend their services for your decarbonisation journey.”