CoolPlanet We are helping Louis Dreyfus Company’s (LDC) execute their decarbonisation roadmap.

Posted in on Nov 21 2022

Louis Dreyfus Company’s (LDC) and CoolPlanet

“Working with CoolPlanetOS and expert team over the past two years, we have made significant energy and carbon emissions savings in Louis Dreyfus Company’s (LDC) Ponta Grossa plant, in Paraná State, Brazil.

Integrated with our site IT/OT infrastructure, CoolPlanetOS extracts data from many onsite sources, including our utility and SCADA systems, supporting the development of analytics and insights that form the basis to identify real and concrete opportunities to save energy, carbon emissions and cost. The combination of powerful software and experts who understand our processes and business has generated significant efficiency gains and return on investment. In particular, we have worked closely and effectively with CoolPlanet to identify the next steps in our decarbonisation roadmap for LDC’s largest facilities, with a focus on scope 1 emissions from heat production activities, thanks to the team’s knowledge of biomass, solar, heat pumps, process optimization, IIoT and other technologies, combined with their practical and execution-orientated approach. With strong expertise on both decarbonisation and digitization, CoolPlanet is well-positioned to assist in delivering energy and emissions savings.”