CoolPlanet We are helping Ardmore Shipping decarbonise and improve the energy performance of their fleet

Posted in on Sep 22 2022

CoolPlanet and Ardmore shipping

CoolPlanet is delighted to announce we are working with Ardmore Shipping to install our energy intelligence software (CoolPlanetOS) on the Ardmore fleet with the objective of identifying and implementing efficiency opportunities on the vessel.

Commercial shipping is under significant pressure with increasingly stringent regulations to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. International shipping accounts for about 78% of global trade in metric tonnes, while emissions from this sector contribute about 2.5% of global GHG emissions.

Ardmore owns and operates a fleet of 22 tanker operator vessels that deliver many different liquid product cargoes around the globe. These vessels consume energy in the main engine and ancillary systems and both Ardmore and CoolPlanet believe there are significant operational efficiencies to be gained from having data sucked from the vessels (via satellite) and delivered to CoolPlanetOS to get visibility of the ship systems energy performance and to undertake analytics which will identify operational and efficiency improvements.

CoolPlanet, via our engineering expertise, will also support Ardmore to develop the opportunities, implement them and sustain them, as required. We look forward to working with Ardmore on this strategic and exciting project.