A round up of our best masterclasses on decarbonisation from 2023

Posted in on Dec 15 2023,by Fiona Sexton Fiona Sexton
A round up of our best masterclasses on decarbonisation from 2023

Fiona Sexton

Fiona Sexton

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As the year comes to a close and the festive season is upon us, we want to take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey we've had in 2023. It’s been a year filled with knowledge sharing, insights, and innovation, all thanks to CoolPlanet’s remarkable community of energy enthusiasts and decarbonisation champions.

To celebrate, we're excited to present a roundup of our most popular masterclasses from last year. We delved into the realms of energy management, decarbonisation, and sustainability, providing actionable insights and valuable guidance towards net zero.

So, grab a cup of coffee or (or mulled wine !)  and join us on this journey through the knowledge we've shared.

Net zero for property: decarbonising buildings

In our first masterclass of 2023, we explore customer case studies, data-driven solutions, and energy-efficient strategies such as digital twins, LED lighting retrofits, solar integration, HVAC improvements, plus demand-side generation in commercial real estate. If you are looking to make your buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable watch it on demand here.

Mobility - enabling the electrification of vehicle fleets

Electrifying your vehicle fleets is a crucial step towards reducing carbon emissions. This masterclass provides a step-by-step guide to decarbonising your fleet, protecting you against carbon taxes and electrifying various vehicle types, from cars to buses. You'll also learn how to make the transition smoothly and cost-effectively.


Watch it on demand here .


Electrification of heat: multi-effect evaporators

Here we explore electrifying industrial processes. We look at the most efficient ways to use multi-effect evaporators and explore heat pump options. We examine various kinds of technical solutions via CoolPlanet customer case studies.

Watch it on demand here.


How to navigate your way to net zero

In this masterclass we introduce Net Zero Glidepath a new feature rich tool which is part of CoolPlanetOS, our world class decarbonisation platform. You will learn about the long-term impacts of your decarbonisation efforts, how to prioritise decarbonisation initiatives effectively. And collaborate seamlessly across multiple teams on sustainability projects.

Watch it on demand here.


Delivering decarbonisation at scale for pharmaceuticals

Technology and sustainable practices are transforming the pharmaceutical industry. We explore manufacturing trends in the UK, CoolPlanet's contribution to cost and waste reduction, and how we are guiding complex business operations towards net-zero emissions. You will be inspired by our customer case studies, which showcase remarkable reductions in carbon emissions and costs in pharma.

Watch it on demand here.


Engineering Projects for Decarbonisation

This masterclass highlights the role of data, decarbonisation solutions, and skilled engineering project execution, in achieving sustainability goals within manufacturing. Leveraging CoolPlanetOS software, coupled with our deep engineering expertise, we show you how we are accelerating decarbonisation in different manufacturing settings across the globe.

Watch it on demand here.


Reducing carbon emissions in food & drink processing

In this masterclass, you will see that by leveraging grid services and cutting-edge technologies, you can effectively reduce your exposure to volatile energy markets and achieve a profitable ROI. Furthermore, embracing decarbonisation strategies can lead to increased capacity, reduced waste, improved food safety, and tangible operational expenditure (opex) savings (encompassing thermal, electric, and maintenance costs). CoolPlanet customers have experienced these advantages firsthand.

Watch it on demand here.

Harnessing data for energy efficiency

In this masterclass, our customer success team delve into the intricate process of using data analytics to optimise efficiency in high-energy-use processes and scenarios, which we encounter again and again in diverse industry settings. Our experts also examine strategies for early maintenance issue identification and performance prediction, leading to significant cost savings.

Watch in on demand here.



As we bid a fond farewell to 2023, we invite you to explore our decarbonisation masterclasses on-demand. The knowledge we share in these webinars is a valuable resource for anyone interested in energy management, decarbonisation and sustainability.

Start the new year with a commitment to building a greener, more sustainable future.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you in 2024 and beyond.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a sustainable new year!