Recorded masterclass

How to navigate your way to Net Zero

Discover our new groundbreaking tool, the Net Zero Glidepath, which helps large organisations visualise their path to Net Zero and understand what actions are required to get there.

Alan  Keogh

Alan Keogh


Keith  O'Reilly

Keith O'Reilly

Head of Product

What to expect

Our Masterclass will introduce you to the Net Zero Glidepath, and how it can help navigate you to Net Zero.


How to understand the long-term impact of your decarbonisation initiatives

Plot your decarbonisation actions and see how they align with the organisation's current emissions and future targets.


How to prioritise your decarbonisation initiatives

Use the platform to support the better qualification of decarbonisation actions and more timely decision-making by clearly identifying the impact of reprioritisation on short- and long-term goals.


How to collaborate with team members on decarbonisation initiatives

The tool is designed with collaboration in mind, allowing users to assign actions to colleagues and collaborate with other team members.


How to access support from CoolPlanet to help you on your journey

The Net Zero Glidepath model provides a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to use.