Ellen  Backwood

Ellen Backwood

Office Coordinator at CoolPlanet

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I studied City Planning and Environmental Policy at University College Dublin and recently joined CoolPlanet in October. My passion lies in addressing climate issues and exploring the intricate relationship between humans and the natural environment.

Life before CoolPlanet?

This September I graduated from UCD with a degree in City Planning and Environmental Policy. I've had diverse work experiences, from office administration to selling dog food. Last summer, I enjoyed a working holiday in Vancouver with friends.

What does your job entail?

As the Office Coordinator, I handle a variety of tasks, making each day exciting and dynamic. My role goes beyond a one-size-fits-all description, and I thrive in this versatile environment. Using my problem-solving, multitasking, and organizational skills, I take care of the daily operations of our office, assist in organizing larger events hosted here, and manage staff travel bookings. It's a diverse role that keeps me on my toes, and I enjoy contributing to the smooth functioning of our office space.

What do you enjoy most about working at CoolPlanet?

I appreciate working in a purpose-driven company like CoolPlanet, whose mission aligns closely with my interests. The urgency of the climate crisis is disheartening, and its impact is noticeable in my everyday life. Being part of CoolPlanet is not only important but also rewarding, as we actively contribute to combating the climate issue on a large scale.

The workplace culture and the team at CoolPlanet are delightful. Motivated by interesting and friendly colleagues, I feel like I've landed the perfect job as a recent graduate. The supportive environment is evident from the start, with the company expressing a clear commitment to help me progress in my career. It's encouraging to be in a professional environment where I know the company has my back as I navigate my first job out of college.

Interesting things about yourself?

  • I’m interested in wildlife conservation and I’ve volunteered with turtle hatchlings a few times.
  • I love art and my favourite thing to draw is self-portraits. My goal is to do a portrait for each of my family members but it's taking longer than expected!
  • I have a strong hatred for mashed potatoes.

What is your life's mantra?

What’s meant for you will not pass you and what passes you was never meant for you