Decarbonisation Partner

Amazon Web Services (AWS) & CoolPlanet

CoolPlanet leverages AWS technologies and services to enhance manufacturing and Industrial processes, improve energy efficiency, and deliver decarbonisation.



Identify and Deliver Energy Savings

Industrial companies have disparate systems such as SCADA, EMS, ERP, PLC, electrical meters, flow meters, logs and databases. It is challenging to collate data and create meaningful outcomes from monthly energy reports, CSR reports, and production reports. Energy and plant managers lack real-time visibility to identify and act upon energy savings opportunities across their buildings and factories.

But where do I start? How do I identify energy savings potential? How can I support corporate sustainability initiatives? How can I get tax savings and improve the rate of investments?

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CoolPlanetOS Solution

Lowering your Cost of Goods Sold

The CoolPlanetOS enables you to understand your energy and emissions data in real time. We can aggregate all critical data from disparate systems in your commercial building or manufacturing facility and provide valuable insights.

The solution enables you to lower energy cost, report end to end carbon content, and gain insights to carbon reduction opportunities. Our subject matter experts examine your data and can provide actionable results to reduce your energy and carbon footprint.

With this solution you are able to plot your path to net zero and seamlessly deliver on corporate sustainability initiatives.


Our decarbonisation software, CoolPlanetOS, is designed to help you to achieve peak decarbonisation.


Energy and Optimisation Savings

This solution typically identifies optimization & energy savings of up to 15% of your current spend.


Ease of Integration

AWS infrastructure and the application software integrates brings data from diverse devices to one place.


Carbon Content Reporting

Collates carbon content data in raw material, production, and offsets green.


Energy Efficiency

Provides insights into carbon reduction opportunities and enables you to take advantage of tax savings.



Track real-time data from all systems

  • Integrate energy data from all sources.
  • Digitally represent energy distribution loads
  • Analyse the impact of internal and external factors on energy costs


Monitor all operational layers

  • Virtual meters for cost-effective usage estimation.
  • Tariff engine to analyze costs from operational variables.
  • Identify carbon-intensive parts, processes, and assets.


Collaborative reporting across your entire organisation

  • Create and share custom dashboards with your team.
  • Annotate charts for context.
  • Tag colleagues, track progress, and share on big screens with kiosk mode.


Optimize operations and processes to ensure peak efficiency

  • Alerts for discrepancies in operational performance.
  • Track progress over time with historical data comparisons.
  • Automated control signals for various systems.


Track your progress to Net Zero emissions

  • Central repository for carbon baselines and future targets.
  • Register Opportunities for decarbonisation across your business.
  • Plot your path to Net Zero using Glidepath