Industrial Heat Pumps

The energy efficient way to heat or cool your factory

Reduce wasted energy and operating expenses with an industrial heat pump.

  • Burn less fuel and reduce emissions
  • Recycle existing energy to reduce costs
  • Cool or heat factories and buildings
  • Generate carbon-free steam

Trusted by global brands to deliver heat pump solutions

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End-to-end decarbonisation

Get help from procurement to installation and beyond

Our experts have years of experience and up to date knowledge to get your vision to come to life quickly and easily.

We can handle any individual step in the process or handle it from procurement to installation and beyond.

  • Choosing the right heat pump for your needs
  • Managing complete system design
  • Implementing installation to highest safety standards

We’ll even give you the tools to ensure your heat pump is delivering the savings and optimal operating temperatures you need with real-time monitoring.

But finding the time and allocating expert resources from procurement to installation can feel impossible as your daily quotas and responsibilities never stop.

Top 5 conditions when industrial heat pumps make sense for decarbonisation


Green power supply

If the heat pump can be powered by green electricity (either direct from site generation or via PPA) this will deliver a significant decarbonisation result.


Waste heat available

If waste heat can be used to “prime” the heat pump this will maximize the efficiency (COP) of the heat pump thus reducing electrical consumption and thus running costs


Price of carbon

As the heat pump (powered on green power) is reducing scope 1 carbon emissions ideally that carbon would have a cost attached to it, thus reducing heat pump payback.


Low temperature heat loads

The lower the temperature the heat loads in the process, the better. The lower the discharge pressure from the heat pump the higher the COP and thus the lower the running costs.


High thermal energy prices

The heat pump is displacing thermal energy from boilers fired by gas or oil. Industrial heat pumps make sense if the costs of these fuels is high.

An innovative heat pump solution...extracted waste heat from our production areas and enhanced it to generate the bulk of our hand wash and wash down water. This project alone reduced our oil consumption and carbon emissions by 80%.

Trevor Lockhart Group Chief Executive, Fane Valley

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Customer success stories

See how CoolPlanet clients are overcoming their biggest decarbonisation challenges with help from our experts.

How CoolPlanet is helping Bulmers target a 42% reduction in Scope 1 emissions

Case Study

How CoolPlanet is helping Bulmers target a 42% reduction in Scope 1 emissions

CoolPlanet identified a number of opportunities that will deliver a 42% reduction in scope 1 emissions at the Bulmers manufacturing facility before the end of 2023.

Bulmers Food and beverages

Reducing Scope 1 emissions at an NYSE-listed pharmaceutical company by 78%

Case Study

Reducing Scope 1 emissions at an NYSE-listed pharmaceutical company by 78%

A multinational pharmaceutical company listed on the New York Stock Exchange tasked CoolPlanet with helping to decarbonise one of its global sites.


Saving a US paper mill $140k/year by utilising waste heat

Case Study

Saving a US paper mill $140k/year by utilising waste heat

Helping a US paper mill find the correct balance between energy efficiency and having enough steam capacity on standby to meet production swings.