Seasalt Cornwall Built Sustainability Across its Retail Operations

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Seasalt Cornwall Built Sustainability Across its Retail Operations

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Headquartered in Falmouth, with more than a thousand employees, Seasalt is one of Cornwall's largest employers.

Inspired by their Cornish coastal home, a team of fashion and textile designers, fine artists, and illustrators design every product at the studio in Falmouth, resulting in a collection of clothing and accessories that bears the brand’s distinctive handwriting.

The company’s ethos has always been to create beautiful and useful clothing that endures and can be worn season in, season out. Such attention to detail and exceptional quality have won them a loyal customer base.

The company has 69 retail stores around the UK and Ireland, a wholesale partner network, and an online store that delivers to 156 countries. As the business continues to grow, its supply chain is also expanding rapidly.

Last year it worked with partners in Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, India, Italy, Morocco, Pakistan, Spain, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Turkey, UK and Vietnam.

“Our overarching goal has always been simple: to craft beautiful clothing that endures season after season, share our love of Cornwall and reduce the impact of our business on the environment…”

“CoolPlanet sustainability course was a great reminder of what we have achieved in our sustainability journey so far, and how important our continued work, both as a company and as individuals, is” - Peta Day, Sustainability Manager, Seasalt Cornwall.


The Seasalt Cornwall leadership team has always been mindful of the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and people. They are determined to continue to make the right decisions—both as a company and in collaboration with others—to reduce their impact and tackle the climate crisis.

The overall ambition is to become a net zero business by 2040. They already have a strong 2030 sustainability plan in place, and many of their major initiatives have been underway for some time. To list just a few:

  • Sourcing sustainable materials across all products lines
  • Sourcing 100% fully traceable organic cotton across all ranges by 2024
  • Approval on their recently submitted Science Based Targets (SBTs). (Read all about the SBTi to learn how your organisation can follow in the footsteps of Seasalt Cornwell).

Seasalt Cornwall is also part of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), and this partnership gives them greater visibility and involvement in sustainable supply chains across the world.


The company is at a crucial point on the road to being a net zero carbon business by 2040.

In order to help embed sustainability at the heart of business operations and decision making at every level, and in every team, Seasalt Cornwall chose Coolplanet Sustainability 101 training, rolling out the course to 35 business leaders across the company (everyone in their Tier 1 and Tier 2 management teams).

In ‘fireside’ type discussions, the team shared their thoughts and ideas, and considered next actions for themselves personally, and for the business.

Peta also gleaned plenty of positive feedback from the managers and leadership team on completing the training.

"Often we get stuck in the day-to-day business, but by us all doing the CoolPlanet training course, it has reignited passions and reminded us about our core values as a business’. ‘The training course has definitely helped us as a team get focused and feel inspired again, especially on a personal level".