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3 ways to optimise energy efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

What if you could cut costs without affecting any part of the process? What if, at one look, you could see every wastage, every redundancy, every opportunity to be energy efficient – well in advance to do something about it?

3 ways to optimise energy efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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3 ways to optimise energy consumption in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (and your machines have been telling you about them all along)



This is inevitably the first step of any sustainability initiative. While it’s absolutely essential to adhere to standard requirements and regulations, know that at least the requirements are dynamic.



The next opportunity to optimise energy lies in reusing it. Reusing water is a brilliant way to cut consumption as well as wastage, not to mention cost (of either procuring water or treating it for regulatory compliance).



The final step is to improve your energy sources. This could involve shifting to CO2 neutral energy sources, switching from natural gas to heat pumps for heating and water chillers to cooling towers for water cooling, or even installing solar panels on your roof.


CoolPlanetOS decarbonisation software

Trimmed down human resources are an issue in distilleries across the world. CoolPlanetOS can free up your time and capacity to do the jobs you want to do, and focus on energy efficiency.

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