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Energy efficiency distilled

Distillers can greatly reduce their carbon footprint and utility bills with better efficiency. Optimise, don't compromise.

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With the ongoing cost and increasing logistic pressures at distilleries, energy and process efficiency is becoming more and more important again. Here are 4 ways distilleries can be more energy efficient:


Solar PV with battery

Solar energy can be a big opportunity for distilling sites, as it takes a minimum of three years for whisky to mature.


Boiler optimisation and the electrification of heat

Boilers are another area where distilleries can achieve great energy efficiency. Why? Because they are often overlooked in terms of maintenance and performance.



There is significant opportunity to contribute to environmental targets through the utilisation of co-products in the generation of bioenergy.


CoolPlanetOS decarbonisation software

Trimmed down human resources are an issue in distilleries across the world. CoolPlanetOS is an energy management software that can free up your time and capacity to do the jobs you want to do and focus on energy efficiency.

Harnessing Data for Energy Efficiency


Harnessing Data for Energy Efficiency

Delve into the nuances of using data effectively for asset owners, operators, and plant managers, aiming to optimize energy efficiency in various industries.

4 Ways Distilleries Can Reduce Energy Consumption


4 Ways Distilleries Can Reduce Energy Consumption

Distilling is a high-energy-consuming industry. As a result of improved efficiency, distillers may significantly lower their carbon footprint and power expenditures.