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Save money and create a more efficient CHP plant

Poorly optimised Combined Heat and Power plants (CHPs) can cost you money. The good news? Most of these losses can be reclaimed quickly and easily with minimal capex.

What's inside

Our guide to a more efficient CHP


The problems with CHP plants

Pre-existing CHPs can degrade over time, especially if inadequate servicing and maintenance is involved. This can result in some CHP systems costing clients money to operate rather than delivering savings, which is the main premise of any CHP system.


How to re-optimise existing CHP systems

It is possible to re-optimise pre-existing CHP systems so that they are performing to a higher level and delivering the appropriate commercial returns.


Steps to create a more efficient CHP

Step-by-step guide to give you deep insights into the DTDC, extractor, distillation etc. and allow you to create a more efficient CHP.