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Addressing Real Estate Sustainability Challenges

This white paper delves into the challenges faced by asset owners and related stakeholders in the realm of real estate sustainability.

Addressing Real Estate Sustainability Challenges

What's inside

By highlighting the challenges and providing potential solutions, this paper aims to guide stakeholders towards making informed decisions for real estate sustainability management.


Unconnected sites

To alleviate this challenge, a comprehensive approach involving integrated technologies, standardised protocols, and efficient deployment strategies is necessary.


Data Quality and CapEx Variance

Implementing data validation processes, leveraging automation, and employing predictive analytics can enhance data quality and mitigate CapEx variances.


Reporting Frameworks in the Real Estate Sustainability Sector

Clear and standardised reporting enables better decision-making by providing reliable data on the environmental and operational performance of properties.


Investment decision making

Determining which buildings within a real estate portfolio are worthy of investment.

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