Helping Mining Companies Electrify Their Light Vehicle Fleet

Posted in on May 13 2024,by Martin Naughton Martin Naughton
Helping Mining Companies Electrify Their Light Vehicle Fleet

Martin Naughton

Martin Naughton

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"It's Me...Hi...I'm the problem, it's me"

Fans of pop icon Taylor Swift will immediately recognise the lyrics from her hit song “Anti-Hero.” The mining sector can readily relate to such sentiments. Copper will be a critical metal in the journey towards an electrified & decarbonised world.

However, the extraction and processing of materials needs to be achieved in as sustainable a fashion as possible to avoid the negative perception of mining continuing.

Mining Companies are the Anti-Hero

This leads mining companies to recognise that environmental metrics such as carbon intensity will be key to achieving a green premium and de-commodify their products. CoolPlanetOS is enabling the system change necessary ensuring fast, practical solutions are available for mining clients embracing energy transition programs.

CoolPlanet’s software allows mining companies to manage an increasingly complex microgrid encompassing multiple sources of power (Wind, Solar, On-site Generators, Grid, Battery, PPA) feeding into variable consumption which is increasingly electrified (Ventilation, Drills, Crushing, EV Charging etc). 

Mining Fleet Electrification Solutions

An example of practical solutions tailored by CoolPlanet for the mining sector is the optimisation of the energy management system associated with the electrification of a light vehicle fleet.

This innovative solution will be demonstrated in conjunction with CoolPlanet’s partner, Huber Automotive, at the Electric Mine Conference in Perth on May 21st with features such as:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Monitor and adjust the ongoing performance of your drivers and vehicles to minimise energy usage per km. Predictive maintenance minimises downtime costs
  2. Energy Supply and charging optimisation: Source renewable energy. Minimise costs through smart charging systems that avoid peaks. On-site batteries provide extra resilience and energy trading opportunities
  3. Grid Balancing: Generate additional revenue streams by using mining assets to provide grid balancing and demand response service. Monitor electricity pricing and grid carbon intensity.

With that introduction to our efforts and progress in mining, book a call with us today and we’ll help you become part of the solution. I’ll leave the final words to Taylor: “It must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero."