Recorded masterclass

Energy management innovations in the food and beverage industry

Our energy experts show you the most effective ways to lower the cost of your energy use now and into the future.

What to expect

A guide from the experts on improving energy consumption now and in the future.


Blocking and tackling

Do you have all your process and quality information in one place? Can you see your KPI's in near real time? Do you have a system in place that alerts you when KPI's drift?


Continuous Improvement

Do you have systems in place to flag and chase down opportunities (water and heat use in pasteurisation; energy recovery from process)? Are you confident that all your utilities areas are running at peak (boilers, chillers, vacuum and compressed air)? What about "set pieces" like CIP and product transition?


Innovations for today

Are there ways you could lower the cost of your power or fuel consumption, for example through load shedding or batteries? Could you exploit developments in the world of heat pumps or heat storage to respond to the radical shifts in the fuel, power and carbon market?


Innovations for tomorrow

How are you planning to decarbonise production? How are you reducing your water footprint? Is your team equipped to stay up to speed with all the developments and do they have the support to respond quickly as they crop up?