How CoolPlanetOS is different

Posted in on Mar 14 2024,by Keith O'Reilly Keith O'Reilly
How CoolPlanetOS is different

Keith O'Reilly

Keith O'Reilly

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The Evolving Role of Software in Decarbonisation

Marc Andreessen famously declared that "software is eating the world" in an essay published in The Wall Street Journal in 2011 and it’s tempting to think that software, on its own, can have a meaningful impact on decarbonisation, particularly in an era where climate change poses an urgent challenge, and the industrial sector needs transformative solutions to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint whilst simultaneously balancing its commercial needs. 

The Promise of Energy Management Software

Indeed, a broad range of software solutions have emerged, all of them promising various degrees of decarbonisation solutions out of the box. Inevitably, we in CoolPlanet are then asked, how does our software compete, what does it do better and does it have features x, y and z?

The short answers are, well…short;

Do we develop innovative solutions like The Net Zero Glidepath?....Yes.  

Do we have an unrivalled capability to integrate data from any source?....Yes.

Can we really help clients balance efficiency, savings and cost?....Yes.

Do we use cutting edge technology like AI?....Yes.

BUT the longer, and more important answer is, software is only part of the solution. Our platform, CoolPlanetOS, is not merely a collection of features that you simply “plug-and-play”-  it’s a comprehensive suite of solutions which blends cutting-edge technology and deep domain expertise…and it’s that expertise that sets us apart.  

CoolPlanetOS: Beyond Features

Our journey began over 15 years ago, driven by a vision to tackle one of the most pressing issues of our time: reducing industrial carbon emissions. Since then, our team has earned unrivalled hands-on experience, across the globe, navigating the complexities of decarbonisation in multiple industrial sectors, from edible oils to pharmaceuticals to mining.

This deep, hands-on understanding of each industry's nuances and challenges forms the core of our software, enabling us to deliver not just a product, but a framework for efficiency and decarbonisation at scale.

Our software is the distillation of the lessons, hard learned, on the frontline of decarbonisation. Every feature has been developed with real-world applications in mind, ensuring that our solution not only addresses the theoretical needs of carbon reduction but also tackles the practical challenges industries face.

This blend of technology and experience enables us to offer a solution that is both innovative and intuitively aligned with the needs of our users.


CoolPlanetOS: A Partnership for Decarbonisation

And we certainly don’t just drop a software solution and run. Our Professional Services Team comprises subject matter experts with extensive operational experience in industrial decarbonisation, ensuring that our software implementation is as seamless as possible.

Their hands-on approach helps tailor our solution to each client's unique needs, providing ongoing support and insights to navigate the realities of decarbonisation in a capitalist, industrial context.

This level of personalised service ensures that our clients are not just purchasing software; they are partnering with a team committed to achieving their decarbonisation goals with them.

Guiding Software with Expertise

In a market of generic report-driven solutions, CoolPlanetOS is different. We don't just offer software; we offer a partnership in which our, and the clients’ interests are aligned. A partnership where experience, expertise, and technology converge to create a decarbonisation strategy that is as effective as it is innovative. 

While our software plays a critical role in driving efficiency and innovation, its impact in decarbonisation is significantly amplified when coupled with deep subject matter expertise.

Simply put, without the insights and experience of those who've been in the trenches of industrial processes, the effectiveness of software is limited.

It's this blend of cutting-edge software and real-world knowledge that sets our company apart, proving that in the quest for sustainability, software can eat (and help save) the world— but it needs to be guided by those who know the way.

If you're looking for expert support to navigate your energy management software journey and maximise your firm's decarbonisation efforts, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today for a free consultation and to learn how CoolPlanetOS can transform your approach to sustainability.