TheDriven New entrant in EVs-for-mines market predicts 7,200 in sales by 2027

Posted in on Dec 15 2023


Selling electric utes to miners is becoming big business, with the latest entrant to Australia expecting sales of 7,200 retrofitted Land Cruisers by the end of 2026.

To put that in context, other deals this year include Europe’s Mining Electric Vehicle Company (MEVCO) committing to buy 8,500 retrofitted Toyota Hiluxs and Land Cruisers over the next five years, and BHP’s intention to do the same for its 5000-vehicle fleet at some point.

The latest partnership is between Climatech Zero and Irish company CoolPlanet, which has licensed its autonomous vehicle operating system (AVOS) to the former. Climatech Zero plans to use it in Huber Land Cruisers that have been specifically retrofitted to use in mine sites.

The Huber ‘Mine Changer’ vehicles are retrofitted with 35 kWh battery packs which deliver a range of 120 km.

The plan is to introduce the vehicles to Australia in 2024.

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