Ecogeneration Electric vehicles for Australian mines

Ecogeneration Electric vehicles for Australian mines


CoolPlanet licenses its analytics, reporting and decarbonisation system, CoolPlanetOS, exclusively to Climatech Zero in Australia and New Zealand, and the company has signed a new agreement to license its Autonomous Vehicle Operating System to Climatech Zero in the region.

Both systems are set to be integrated into Huber Automotive’s Electric Land Cruisers, with the aim of introducing the vehicles to Australia in early 2024 as part of the acceleration of the mining industry’s decarbonisation initiatives.

CoolPlanet and Climatech Zero expect to sell 200 electric Land Cruiser mining vehicles in 2024, with projections of 1000 sales in 2025, and 6000 in 2026.

Climatech Zero provides five Australian mining companies with energy reduction services. In addition to facilitating the purchase of light electric mining vehicles, it will continue to manage servicing and maintenance operations on the ground, ensuring optimal onsite performance and safety standards.

“We are fortunate to have a strong, experienced Australian partner in Climatech Zero,” says Norman Crowley, founder and chairman of CoolPlanet.

“We have worked closely with this team for several years and have confidence in their energy transition skills.

“The extension of our partnership to the mining sector is exciting and another significant milestone in CoolPlanet’s commitment to driving sustainable solutions in industries that are traditionally energy intensive.”

The commercial relationship between CoolPlanet and Climatech Zero began in 2018.

“CoolPlanet is a pioneer in decarbonisation, energy transition, electric vehicles and advanced operating systems that support leading edge engineering,” says Peter O’Connell, CEO and co-founder of Climatech Zero.

“We are looking forward to partnering with miners to achieve their challenging energy transition milestones.”