Electric Land Cruiser is world’s ‘most efficient’ mining vehicle Electric Land Cruiser is world’s ‘most efficient’ mining vehicle


Irish decarbonisation firm CoolPlanet has teamed up with Huber Automotive AG, a German automotive supplier, to create what it claims to be “the safest, cleanest, most efficient mining vehicle in the world – at scale”.

Under the partnership, CoolPlanet will integrate its analytics, reporting and driver safety system into Huber’s Electric Land Cruiser, as well as offer its wider decarbonisation management system, CoolPlanetOS to help mines significantly reduce their carbon emissions.

“CoolPlanet and Huber’s world-leading engineering teams aim to help mines make an immediate impact on their emissions – with the light mining vehicle – and with an infrastructure that can help decarbonise the entire mine,” CoolPlanet chairman Norman Crowley said.

“Mines will be able to eliminate diesel particulate matter and maximise vehicle safety, which is crucial considering mining vehicles account for 28 per cent of all deaths in mining. The partnership will also enable mines to maximise their energy resiliency, and efficiency, while minimising environmental impact.”

CoolPlanet is a global leader in industrial-scale decarbonisation, known for its innovative approach to reducing energy consumption and emissions across various industries, including industrial, food and beverage, mobility, and commercial sectors worldwide.

Huber is a leading provider of battery-electric vehicles and solutions for the mining industry. The company’s Electric Cruiser System kit is a turnkey solution that converts traditional diesel-powered vehicles to battery-electric power. Huber offers fully converted vehicles to the global mining industry through specialised local distributors.

Huber’s launch vehicle is a battery-electric powered Toyota LandCruiser 79 series vehicle converted on an automotive assembly line, and available in production volumes.