Top 5: leaders driving decarbonisation in manufacturing

Posted in on Dec 7 2022,by Hollie McHugh Hollie McHugh
Top 5: leaders driving decarbonisation in manufacturing

Hollie McHugh

Hollie McHugh

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Top 5: leaders driving decarbonisation in manufacturing

As COP 27 continues, we're excited to share with you our list of the Top 5 Leaders Driving Decarbonisation in Manufacturing. These groundbreaking individuals were chosen to be among the list's top leaders. The desire for decarbonisation is shared by all of these women, despite their varied origins and employment at different companies. Meet these outstanding women working in sustainability who are impacting both the future and the world in which we live:

Sarah Hoolahan - Global Head Environmental Sustainability a t Novartis Dublin

Sarah has a MSc from Michael Smurft School of Business UCD in Science, Supply Chain Management. She has been working for Novartis since February 2021. She has a wealth of experience when it comes to working in sustainability having previously worked with businesses such as SSE renewables and Diageo.

As Global Head Environmental Sustainability, her role entails coordination and implementation of the global environmental strategy, standards, targets and performance criteria across Novartis. In addition to supporting external ESG reporting and providing technical oversight, direction and coordination of related initiatives and special projects linked to carbon, circular economy, water, and sustainable products. Novartis recently won Reuters Events Pharma 'Reporting and Transparency Award 2021' Congratulations to Sarah and the team!

Claire Lund Global Vice President of Sustainability at GSK

Claire is an accomplished energy and sustainability leader with a track record of success in both the private and public sectors. She has obtained her Msc in Energy and Environmental Technology & Economics from the University of London. Claire possesses strong business development skills and is highly experienced in energy, renewable energy, procurement, strategy, and change management. She has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and has worked in the field for a very long time; she has worked for the Office of Government Commerce as an energy category manager and The Cabinet Office as head of operations.

Claire began working with GSK as an Ultiles Director in February 2019. She has since progressed through the years to now hold the position of Global Vice President of Sustainability at GSK.

Emma Keller - Head of Sustainability at Nestle UK & Ire

Emma describes herself as a passionate and ambitious sustainability professional, she is based in London. In 2019, she completed a Engineering Doctorate in Environmental Strategy and Sustainable Systems from the University of Surrey.

She has over 10 years' experience across the industry, with a proven track record of leadership and driving change. She is the Head of Sustainability for Nestlé in the UK & Ireland. She is focused on action and delivery to drive breakthroughs in food system sustainability. Apart from her passion for sustainability she enjoys sports, impressively completing four marathons, a half iron man and several triathlons.

Ulrike Sapiro - Chief Sustainability Officer  Henkel Germany

Ulrike earned a masters degree in sustainable development from the University of Cambridge, where she also took a course in climate leadership. Following that, she enrolled in Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. The University, which is regarded as one of Europe's top intellectual and scientific institutions, is where she finished her second Master's degree.

Ulrike has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and has worked in the field for a very long time; she has held positions at Thames Water UK, The Coca-Cola Company, and is currently the Chief Sustainability Officer at Henkel. Leading global sustainability/ ESG strategy , policy, and partnerships with focus on water security, resilience, agriculture, circular economy, human rights, and climate along the value chain are her current responsibilities.

Bea Perez - SVP and Chief Communications, Sustainability and Strategic Partnerships Officer, The Coca Cola Company

Since 2011, Beatriz Perez has been the first Chief Sustainability Officer of The Coca-Cola Company. She continues to develop and lead progress towards their broad global sustainability goals with a focus on water stewardship, sustainable packaging, the environment, and women's economic development. The Company's World Without Waste program, Water Security Strategy, and other ESG-related efforts are driven by her team.

She led an integrated team across public affairs and communications, sustainability, and partnerships to support The Coca-Cola Company's new economic model and journey to becoming a total beverage company in her role as Chief Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability Officer and member of the Executive Committee.

She characterises herself as a firm supporter of volunteerism, having held positions on numerous local and national boards of directors with a particular focus on helping the Hispanic community.