The Exeed Grant Explained

Posted in on Nov 24 2022,by Hollie McHugh Hollie McHugh
The Exeed Grant Explained

Hollie McHugh

Hollie McHugh

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What is the Exeed Grant?

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) provides the EXEED ( Excellence in Energy Efficient Design) grant scheme. Energy efficiency innovation is encouraged by the EXEED Certified programme. The EXEED grant program provides significant financial assistance to organisations planning to deploy energy-efficient technology and infrastructure. The EXEED award provides funding for up to €1,000,000 in financing per project and is open to any sector, organisation, or enterprise that is investing in energy projects .

EXEED Grant Eligibility

The purpose of the EXEED programme is to assist clients in increasing their energy efficiency and lowering their costs, by optimising energy performance and management early in the project lifecycle.

EXEED Certification is Divided into Three Levels

  • Design-stage processes set out in the EXEED Certified standard
  • Strategic input from an independent Energy Efficient Design Expert
  • Identifying the investment opportunities which will deliver optimum energy performance.

Successful grant applicants must adhere to the EXEED standard and incorporate energy efficiency measures into their project design, as indicated below.

  • Greenfield design is the creation of a new asset that is unrelated to any previous effort.
  • Brownfield repurposing is the process of repurposing an existing asset.
  • Existing asset that receives a major energy improvement
  • Existing assets are being renovated extensively.

Advantages of the Exeed Grant

  • Increasing energy efficiency and management
  • Lowering costs and lowering carbon emissions
  • Intensifying competition
  • Promoting long-term sustainability

When and How to Apply for the Exeed Grant

Applications for Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the EXEED Certified Grant Scheme are accepted all year. SEAI will offer a Grant Offer to projects that match the requirements and will be completed by October 1st of the following year.

The review procedure can take up to 3 weeks at Stage 1 and 4-8 weeks at Stage 2 (perhaps longer for awards of €250,000 or more).

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