We rolled out Sustainability Plus across the business so every employee would understand our climate goals and how they could contribute to our net-zero ambition. Neil Menzies – Sustainability Director, Hibernia Real Estate Group

Neil Menzies – Sustainability Director

Sustainability courses: what you will learn

Climate Change

What is climate change

Understand the natural carbon cycle, greenhouse effect, global warming and the relationship between human activity and the carbon cycle


What do we need to do

Every business must calculate their carbon footprint, set meaningful targets, and create a strategic plan to get to net zero. Learn what you need to do to become a sustainable business.


Transforming Energy

Energy is the biggest polluting sector by far, but it’s also one of the sectors with the clearest solutions and where a lot of progress has already been made.


Revolutionising Transport

94% of our transportation is fueled by burning fossil fuels. Depending on whether you are transporting people or goods, the solutions look very different.

Redesigning Industry

Redesigning Industry

We produce four times our own weight in waste every year, but in a perfect circular economy, there is no long-lasting waste. Learn how your business can embrace circular economic principles.


Rethinking Food, Agriculture and Land Use

How can we feed our future population without expanding the area of land needed for agriculture AND reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

*Sustainability Plus €40pp +VAT (~£35)

†Sustainability Plus (3 hours) - with discounts

‡Customised to support your sustainability strategy

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Case Studies

Case Study

Reducing energy consumption at Dubai Festival City Mall by 26%

Dubai Festival City Mall consists of over 400 retailers, 75 restaurants, and bistros with parking for 6,500 cars. CoolPlanet achieved an energy reduction of 26%.

Case Study

How a UK-based brewery saved £285k annually through improved energy efficiency

A UK-based brewing company achieved annual energy savings of £5,480 per week through refrigeration reconfiguration and adjustments to heating and cooling.

Case Study

Commercial Building Operator Saved €1.1m in Energy Costs

Achieve energy savings even with a low volume of data points. In this case, €1.1m in savings were realised for a commercial building operator using just two data points.

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